I mistakenly thought I was *this* close to being ready to start the querying process (other than the two agents mentioned in the previous post), but it seems I have forgotten one teensy little thing. The synopsis. (Cue scary music. Or crickets.) I've bookmarked a ton of websites and blog posts about writing the synopsis, but once I got rolling on writing and polishing my query, I just plain forgot the thing. So...onto the synopsis. It's basically just a 1-2 page summary of the entire book, right? Shouldn't be hard at all, wink, wink. I did find a very helpful post about writing synopses on literary agent Carly Watters's blog. It's impossible to follow everyone's advice on everything about the querying process, but her tips for the synopsis was perhaps the clearest and most helpful that I've found.

Once I write and polish the synopsis (and have another reader or two read it for me), I think I'll be set. I'm really happy with my novel, and I truly believe it is as good as I can make it on my own. I'm also happy with the query (and since it got positive responses from two agents, I'm thinking that's a good sign.) Now, it's just holding myself back from jumping the gun before that dreaded synopsis shines and is ready to go.

Until next time!