Obligatory First Post

Since this is probably the fifth or sixth blog I’ve started in my life, I won’t wax poetic about all I’m going to do here and all I hope to accomplish, because it may or may not happen! With an extremely active two year old under foot and another baby due in about three months, I don’t have super high expectations of writing in this blog all the time.However, I would like to keep it up, because I’m on a mission of sorts. I’ve accomplished one of my lifetime goals–to write a book. More specifically, a novel. It’s fiction, and I like it. I’m in the editing/revising stage now, and I’m guessing this stage will take a while. Especially once I send the manuscript out to a few readers and get their feedback. My goal is for this blog to be a place where I can talk about my journey (futile attempt?) to finish it, find and agent, and get the thing published.
And who knows–maybe one day I will get it published and this little blog can be where readers can come to find out what I’m reading and writing about.
So, welcome!

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