Reality TV about Writers?

I read this article online a few days ago and I keep thinking about it. It asks whether anyone would be interested in watching a reality TV show about writing a book. I like the idea of making a bigger deal about writers and books, but seriously, what could be more boring than watching a writer in the process of writing a book. When I think of what I looked like as I wrote my manuscript, I can’t imagine anyone thinking it was interesting. Lots of sitting in front of the keyboard, alternately hunched over and stretched back in my seat, sometimes closing my eyes, sometimes balling my fists up in my eyes trying to visualize what I was trying to say. Not the same as watching a designer hunched over a sewing machine or a chef working on an elaborate cake or main dish. When writing, there’s nothing to see–no partially finished garment, no icing waiting to be smoothed, no sizzle of a saute pan. Just words on the screen until the final “The End.”
And oh the agony of having to read a portion of your first draft in front of judges and the rest of the country! No waiting until it’s as polished as possible before showing it to absolutely anyone, even your husband (like me.) Whew, not sure I’d have the you know what to do that. But regardless, an interesting concept, even if it were to never happen.

Where I am in the manuscript process: I have sent a list of questions to two people (experts, if you will) to get more concrete information about two aspects of my book. I’m waiting to hear back from them, then I’ll incorporate the info they give me, making edits as necessary to make sure my info is correct. I’m thinking I’m going to send a copy to my mom and my husband this week as well so they can read it. I’m both excited and panicked about the idea of anyone else reading the MS. What if they hate it? Not that either of them would actually tell me that–which is why I’m not looking to them to be one of the main readers. These are two of the people who love me the most, therefore I don’t expect them to be able to be totally impartial. I have three other people–friends, but people who I think can give me honest feedback–who I’ll send my MS to later on when I’ve edited as much as I can on my own. I’m excited to get to that point, but I need to make absolutely sure I have edited and honed the MS as much as I can before I send it to those people.

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