Synopsis II

Another day, another post about the synopsis. I just this minute stopped myself from disappearing into the deep dark galaxy of over-googling. I’ve searched for just about every combination of words I can come up with to try to figure out this synopsis thing–more specifically a synopsis for a book with two timelines. I’m sure my Google ads are going to be all over the place with my frenzied googling! (Reminds me of the time I googled “motorcycles gay men ride” for research for THE HIDEAWAY. Definitely got interesting ads popping up after that one.)
I’ve written a two-page synopsis (was intended to be one page, but you know) that sort of condenses the main parts of the story, but it only mentions one of the timelines. And just talking about one of the timelines sort of–well, it leaves out FIFTY PERCENT of the book. But summarizing both of the timelines is darn-near impossible in a synopsis–especially a short 1-2 page one.

In other news, our writing cartel met last night and they gave me some good food for thought about a few chapters of my manuscript. A little more tightening, a few clarifications, the usual. Overall, the book is finished, but as more people read it, small things pop up. Not game-changers or anything requiring a massive overhaul, thank goodness. I’ve done that once or twice already and I’m satisfied with how the story reads now–and my readers have been too. But that’s not to say it’s perfect–which is why my cartel is so awesome. They tell me what I’ve missed and suggest how to fix it. And I try to do the same for them. Honestly, I don’t think my book would be what it is now if I hadn’t found this group.

Hopefully the next time I post, I will have made some significant progress with the synopsis and will be closer to “go-time” (and by that cheesiness, I mean the point when I’m ready to start sending queries out for real.)

Have a great weekend!


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