The Sunday Dish

Hi friends! Long time readers and supporters will know I had a blog on my website for many years. It started out as a place to talk about the manuscript I was working on and the feedback I got from my first beta readers. Then I started writing about another manuscript, this one about an old house and the eccentric woman named Mags who lived there. (Sound familiar?) Then it became a place to chronicle my journey to getting that book published, and the ones that came after. Over the years, I included some Bookish People interviews, some Friday Fives, a few book giveaways, and a fair amount of family matters.

But then as my deadlines started coming quicker, and my kids got older and busier (and mama got busier too), I blogged less and less. Eventually my newsletter replaced my blog, and I told my readers to not expect more blog posts.

But now, things have changed again! (Who was it who said nothing is permanent except change?)

Now that I have this gorgeous new home on the web, I’ve decided to resurrect the blog and I’m so excited about it. I’ll continue to send my newsletter out–probably every couple months with all kinds of updates–books and life, reading and writing, and tidbits and giveaways specifically for newsletter subscribers. But I plan to update the blog weekly, on Sundays. It’ll be called The Sunday Dish, and I’ll let you know the craziness (or, alternately, the beautifully mundane) that’s gone on during the week, what I’m reading before I fall asleep, books coming out the following week that I have my eye on, and any interesting links I run across during the week.

I’d love to have you follow along and join me on this new (old) venture!

Meet you back here on Sunday!
Much love,

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