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Welcome to the Sunday Dish! We’ve been in survival mode over here the last couple of weeks with one family member after another falling victim to Covid! As I write this, my husband is the only one who’s still standing strong, but the rest of us are feeling much better, thank goodness. We had mild cases for the most part–the kids were done with feeling bad after about 24 hours, and I was back to mostly normal after four or five days. We went almost two years without any of us getting it, so I guess it was our turn.

I’ll give you a little book news before I get into what I’ve been reading…we’re thiiiiiiiis close to settling on a cover for Book #6! I’ll be revealing both the title and the cover soon, and I can’t wait. Even though I spent the time and angst (ha!) writing the book, it makes it feel much more real when it has some clothes and a name!

What I fell asleep reading last night…

I just finished Richard Osman’s THE THURSDAY MURDER CLUB and I loved it so very much. One of the editors on my publishing team recommended it by saying it was about four people living in a retirement community who solve murders, and that was all I needed to know! At the beginning, I thought it was going to be all about the murders and the clues, hints, and red herrings without all the character development I love in a book, but I was wrong. As the author gives details about the mystery, he also drops these tantalizing little bits of backstory about each of the main characters then goes into more detail about their histories as the story continues. By the end, the characters felt like friends–or at least people I’d like to be friends with. I laughed out loud a lot and also got a bit teary in a few parts. I just loved everything about it. There’s a follow-up called THE MAN WHO DIED TWICE and I’ll be on to that one soon.

Book I have my eye on…

Karen White’s THE LAST NIGHT IN LONDON comes out in paperback this coming Tuesday! I haven’t read this one yet, and I’m looking so forward to it. It tells the story of two young women, Eva and Precious, who are trying to make their way as fashion models in 1939 London. London + 1939 is enough to let you know what’s about to happen. The book is about friendship, betrayal, and love, moving back and forth between present-day London and the Blitz.
»» And here’s the best part: In two weeks (Feb. 27), my next Bookish People interview will be with Karen White!

A few links just for fun…

That’s all from me today. May the people in your house be healthy, may the sun shine wherever you are, and may spring come swiftly for all of us!


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