The Friday Five: Tim Riggins, Twinkle Lights, & Inventing Confidence

  1. If asked what my biggest fear is, I’d have three—the dark (which is probably just a fear of what goes bump in the night when all the lights are off), roaches (don’t even get me started), and public speaking. This last one is a biggie, but fortunately, it’s not one that affects me all too much, mainly because I just avoid the issue. But with the publication of a book in a year and a half and the ensuing book tour, speaking in public will be firmly on my agenda. I’ve heard countless ways in which a person can try to overcome this type of fear, but the one that’s stuck with me the most is “invent your confidence.” It sounds a little like a take on “fake it until you make it.” Pretend you are confident, act like you are confident, and no one will know you feel like you’re about to throw up. Good thing for me I have a long time to work on it!
  2. I went over to a friend’s house the other day for a little visit. This friend is super stylish and gorgeous, and her house is the same way. Every time I’ve been there, it’s this little cozy den of style and beauty. Well, this time when I went, we’d been standing by her dining room table for a few minutes when she laughed and reached over to the center of the table and picked up one of her husband’s athletic socks. It had been lying in the center of the table right by her pretty candlesticks and Christmas decorations. I hadn’t noticed at all, but she did—and apologized profusely. The thing was—I loved it! It was a like a little nugget of reality in the middle of something beautiful. All beauty has a rough side and everything rough has beauty, even if it’s buried down deep. In this season where everything and everyone is decked out to the nines, if a friend stops by, or even if you have a party or gathering at your house, don’t fret if something is left out of place or isn’t perfect. Instead of offending people, it’ll more likely make your guests feel more at home, like they aren’t the only ones with a life that isn’t picture-perfect and magazine-worthy. (Come to think of it, maybe more magazines and Pinterest pics should show those stray socks and spills. It’ll make the rest of us feel more normal!)
  3. Everything is better with twinkle lights.
  4. Since I’m taking a break from writing this month, I’ve been revisiting Dillon, Texas, during my youngest child’s quiet time in the afternoons, and I’m loving it quite a bit. I binge-watched Friday Night Lights a couple summers ago and decided it was high time to visit the Panthers again. They don’t disappoint.
  5. I continue to be amazed by the children’s department at our local library. They are always putting on special activities, shows, and events for kids and their families, and the only thing they are guaranteed to get in return is a room full of spilled snacks, crayon drawings on the tables, and overturned drinks. Their sole purpose in putting these events on is to draw people to the library, to get people reading, to engage with the community. How cool is that?! #IWishIWereALibrarian

See y’all next week!

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